Q. Does Collin County Fence Supply sell to the public?
A. Yes, we do sell to the public as well as a growing list of proffesional contractors

Q. Will CCF help me figure the material for my house if I am not sure what I will need?
A. Yes we will be happy to help with that. All we ask is that you have a scetch or survey plot with all measurments for each individual straight run of fence.

Q. If I call ahead will you have my order ready to pick up.
A. Yes, we will have your order ready to pick up as long as we are given enough lead time as we may have customers we are loading at that time.

Q. Will CCF powdercoat something we did not fabricate?
A. We will be happy to look at what you have, although there are many factors involved to make sure the process will work with what you have.

Q. Will CCF fabricate something that has nothing to do with fencing?
A. We fabricate all types of products including handrails, balconies, wine doors, and entry gates so the answer is bring us your plans and we will give you a quote on your project.

Q. Are you open on Saturdays?
A. We are not open on Saturdays but we will be happy to help you Monday through Friday 7:30A.M.- 4:30P.M. 


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